Walter and Karen De Graaf

November 7, 2023

Our experiences with Think LifeChange Biblical Counseling have been life-changing! We initially sought them out for counseling to improve our relationship with a family member. The advice was so significant that we decided to go to the training to become Biblical Counselors. Walt was a lay leader and Pastor for many years.  Karen has a MA Degree in counseling (secular). We have done a lot of counseling with couples and individuals in the last 34 years!

What we have learned through the Heart of the Problem material and the training by Kerry and Alison has changed our approach to counseling others. It has been significant in our lives personally and significant in the lives of those we have been able to work with since being trained. There is no better way to live than understanding the joy of repentance and how it can change a troubled marriage into a good one, an anxiety-ridden individual into one who lives without fear and anxiety!
It isn’t magic. It is God’s Word applied appropriately, as He designed it, to give us abundant life regardless of our circumstances.

We are better individuals, have a more joyful and peaceful marriage, and now have tools to use to help others to live the same!
Highly, highly recommended!