Julie R. Lucas, MHS, PA-C

The Biblical counseling that my son received after years of seeing a psychologist changed his life and because of the complete change in his behavior and attitude, I had to find out all I could about it. I began attending the counselor training classes and the principles I learned have helped me in dealing with many of my patients. I work in internal medicine, primary care and often see those suffering with depression or other problems that don't respond to medications. There IS real help available and I believe it begins here.

Julie R. Lucas, MHS, PA-C Physician AssistantInternal MedicineMobile, AL

Kevin Ford

The opening of Think LifeChange Institute of Biblical Counseling is a great asset to the kingdom work of biblical counseling. Kerry Skinner's approach of utilizing God's Word while relying on the Holy Spirit truly simplifies the ministry of counseling. The training he provides in this area immensely equips the Lord's servant to be an effective counselor. Since opening the counseling center at our church, with Kerry's guidance and training, we have conducted hundreds of sessions and seen God transform numerous lives and marriages. If you or your church is called to the ministry of biblical counseling I can think of no better avenue to prepare for such a great work.

Kevin Ford Counseling MinisterCalvary Baptist ChurchHannibal, Missouri

Paul Ezelle

Ephesians 4:11-12 is the biblical description of the relationship I have with Dr. Kerry L. Skinner. Kerry was called by God to teach and equip me to do the work of the Laity Care Center ministry. Kerry asked me to direct the first biblical counseling ministry he established in 2006 at Cottage Hill Baptist Church. Since then, we have ministered to thousands of clients, seeing so many of them greatly strengthen their personal relationship with the Lord. We most often see people reverse their untoward behavior(s) such as anger and unforgiveness and restore their strained interpersonal relationships. Marriages are being saved. Thoughts of suicide are being abolished. We counsel under the leadership of the Holy Spirit and God is consistently being glorified. I thank God for Kerry every day as biblical counseling helped me understand who I am in Christ, what is my purpose here on earth and exactly what it is that I should be doing.

Paul Ezelle Laity Care Center DirectorCottage Hill Baptist ChurchMobile, Alabama

Ted Elmore, D.Min.

I am happy to affirm Kerry Skinner and The Heart of the Problem. I have personally used this resource and have personally seen life transformation as one applied the principles learned from Scripture to his life.

Ted Elmore, D.Min. Pastor-Church Relations Prayer StrategyToday’s Interim Pastorand Field Ministry Team Southern Baptist of Texas Convention

Glen Pearce

Kerry Skinner has been a pastor, mentor, and dear friend to me and my family for nearly 40 years.  I have observed him as he lovingly but firmly and effectively applies the truths of the Word of God to real life situations and issues in my life and others.  I have benefited from the use of his resources and counsel in my ministry now for the past 25 years.  I am excited that many others across the Kingdom of God will now have the opportunity to be formally equipped in Biblical Counseling through Kerry and Think LifeChange Institute of Biblical Counseling.

Glen Pearce Senior PastorFirst Baptist ChurchIowa Park, TX

Andy Cherry

Over the past two decades, the church has been inundated and has even embraced the tenants of secular psychology disguised in spiritual terminology.  Surprisingly, many pastors have turned to other sources to help hurting people besides the Bible, as if the sacred scriptures do not contain what is needed to meet people's deepest needs. Dr. Kerry L. Skinner has adeptly seen these disguises and is on a quest to return counseling for Christians back to its guide for the problems we encounter - the Word of God. With the Bible as his sword, Dr. Skinner cuts through the pseudo-spiritual Christian counseling maze and reveals that the heart of our problems is a problem of the heart.  Every pastor as well as every lay person who desires to counsel fellow believers should always do so from the precious truths taught in scripture.  Dr. Skinner, through his books, seminars and now his 'Think LifeChange Institute for Biblical Counseling', will equip you and challenge you to return to the sufficiency of scripture for the answers to life's difficulties.

Andy Cherry Pastor/CounselorPorter, Texas

Judi Lowman

Several years ago Dr. Kerry Skinner had come to our church to teach us biblical principles in the book “The Heart of the Problem.”  I have since used it as a tool to counsel a few people that have sought my advice.  I recently witnessed God’s incredible healing power by helping someone find truth in His Word, in the midst of crisis, applying those principles.  Seeing victory in that situation convinced me there is an opportunity to help others in this way. I am exceedingly grateful to Dr. Skinner for following God’s leading to provide training for such a great need and I am beyond blessed to study and be equipped through the Think LifeChange Institute of Biblical Counseling to become a Certified Biblical Counselor.  I pray God richly blesses this ministry and all who are touched by it.

Judi Lowman Student

Craig McAdams

Whether as a Pastor, writer, or counselor, Dr. Kerry L. Skinner has been instrumental in leading God’s people to health. His ministry, Think LifeChange, is an incredible resource and training ground for Biblical Counselors that puts into practice a sometimes forgotten truth—God’s Word can change our lives. I am honored to know Kerry not just as a member of our church, but also as a friend and mentor in ministry. I have seen the impact that he has made as a Biblical Counselor and through his training of Biblical Counselors. I am sold! Think LifeChange is a valuable resource that all churches need to connect with.

Craig McAdams Senior Pastor, Hampton First Baptist Church, Hampton, GA

Elliott Yancey

When I first encountered Think LifeChange I have to admit I didn’t really understand what it was all about. I tend to be an ultra-practical how-is-this-going-to-help-me kind of guy. It did not take long to realize the theology, philosophy, and strategy behind Think LifeChange would not only profoundly impact my ministry but my own life as well. It is rare to encounter training and education that can be applied on a daily basis in the “real world.” Think LifeChange is that foundational and that revolutionary. As a full-time chaplain for 6 large businesses in the Atlanta area, I find myself using the principles taught by Think LifeChange multiple times a day. I use it with those I serve in the office, the cubicle, the shop, on the dock, and in the trucks. I can’t imagine fielding the questions I receive from those under my care without this training. If God is using you to help people find real and lasting peace in their lives then you need Think LifeChange. The certification and training are great for counselors, but pastors, teachers, Christian leaders, even business owners (anyone with people under their care and influence) would benefit greatly from all that Think READ MORE

Elliott Yancey

Butch Davis

About a year and a half ago Kerry came to our church and did a weekend training session for those interested in Biblical counseling or lay counseling. Since that time we have opened a lay counseling center at the church and three of our church members have been trained by Kerry to be Biblical certified counselors. The books and materials of Think Life Change are the hands on tools along with the Holy Scriptures we use daily. I can't recommend Think LifeChange enough for those wanting to see God really set the captives free.

Butch Davis Counseling Minister, First Baptist Conyers, Georgia