Brian Edmond

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Since 2007, Brian Edmond has been involved in Biblical counseling and is a Think LifeChange Certified Counselor with a Certificate of Commissioning from FBC Jonesboro. 

Brian brings his own experiences of betrayal and victory through forgiveness into an incredible story of the power of dealing with life from a Biblical perspective. Brian is regularly involved in individual counseling, marriage and family counseling, and recovery group ministries.

He assisted Dr. Kerry L. Skinner in establishing Biblical counseling centers and has spoken in churches across America. 

Brian Edmond is originally from Fairhope, AL and now lives in Fayetteville, GA with his wife Stacy. Brian and Stacy love spending time together in the outdoors.

Brian Edmond

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All appointments are 50 minutes in length. If you would like a virtual counseling appointment please call (470) 525-4300.

All sessions except the first session require the workbook Heart of the Problem. Click the link to order your copy: