Think LifeChange Institute for Biblical Counseling is founded upon the works of three people, Dr. Henry Brandt, Dr. Kerry L. Skinner, and Alison Veazey. God has used and is using the message He developed in their lives to help people deal with the issues of life.

Basic Premises

  1. If sin is the problem, there is no human remedy for sin.
  2. Confession of sin is common, but repentance is rare.
  3. Repentance is the most positive word in the Bible.
  4. Repentance is God’s cure for our sin problem.

The Purpose

After leading hundreds of conferences and hearing the call for a biblical counselor training center and a way to practice counseling through local churches, a system has been developed to:

  1. Enable a candidate to learn the message and process of biblical counseling.
  2. Prepare people who can help the pastor multiply his ministry through counseling.
  3. Help the church understand that if sin is the problem, God’s people should be the best equipped to provide help.
  4. Provides a licensing program for Christian counselors that allows the candidate to provide a ministry career in biblical counseling through the church.

Christian Certification

During the years Dr. Skinner traveled and led conferences, individuals asked where one might receive training and certification for the message that he was sharing. At the time he knew no place to send them.

Many believers, from members of a church to trained pastors and counselors, seek a way in which to counsel using the Scripture without the agent of the state limiting what they can share in the consulting room. In most states, licensure limits one to the regulatory laws that govern counseling with the practice of psychology.

Think LifeChange Institute does not provide a state license nor does it provide training leading one toward state licensure. Though laws vary from state to state, most states have a distinction between general counseling (psychology based) and pastoral counseling. Think LifeChange Institute provides the training which the local church must then recognize by commissioning you into what we call the pastoral counseling category or a ministry career as a LifeChange Certified Biblical Counselor.

A commissioning service by a church is simply the presenting of a Commissioning Certificate (which your church can provide) that is signed by the pastor recognizing you as a person who has completed the Think LifeChange Institute training and presents you to the church as a Certified Biblical Counselor.

Your certification through the Think LifeChange Institute would be identified as: LifeChange Certified Biblical Counselor.


  1. Complete application. The fee for entire training program is $4000 (50% due with application, 50% due at the beginning of the practicum).
    • What is included in the pricing?
      • 1 week residency training
      • 6 textbooks
      • 6 online training courses
      • 10 Heart of the Problem workbooks for use in the practicum.

     2.  Attend a one week residency with Dr. Skinner to begin the program.

     3.  Complete the 6 online training courses within 6 months after the residency.

     4.  Complete the 10 person practicum training within 8 months after the online training.