Bethany Saylor

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Bethany Saylor graduated with a bachelor's degree in Agriculture Development. During college, she met her husband Talan Saylor who is currently in the military. The pressures of being a newly married military spouse and college student revealed Bethany's heart. Bethany realized she needed help not only in her marriage but also in her relationship with Christ. Bethany sought counseling with a Think LifeChange Counselor, and God did an incredible work in her heart. Now, Bethany is a Certified ThinkLifeChange Counselor who has a heart to serve military couples. She wants to see God do a mighty work in the individual and believes the overflow of that will produce heathy marriages.

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All appointments are 50 minutes in length. If you would like a virtual counseling appointment please call (470)525-4300.

All sessions except the first session require the workbook Heart of the Problem. Click the link to order your copy:

All in-person appointments take place in Arkansas. Video appointments are also available.

Bethany Saylor