Audit Residency Week of Training

Think LifeChange is now offering the ability to audit the Residency week of training to those who are not interested in full certification.
Why? Many have come to us wanting to attend the thorough training that takes place in a Monday through Friday 9 am-5 pm, yet they did not want to take the 6 online courses or go through the 50 hours of the student practicum.

Our students are recommending our program to others because they have seen the impact on their personal spiritual lives and their families' lives, as well as the benefit to their workplaces and their churches. For these reasons, we are offering the ability to audit the Residency week.

Audit Requirements:

• Fill out an application here.
• Attend all sessions.
• Pay fee 30 days in advance of Residency week.
• There is a cancellation fee if one cancels 15 days or less before Residency: 50%.
• The cost is $1200 which includes 6 books and materials.


What if you change your mind and decide later to pursue full certification? You can then begin the online courses by submitting $800 for courses and bonus materials.

**** Anyone auditing the residency week will not receive certification unless he continues and completes full program.

-How much is student practicum and certification? $2000

-Can I start with the online courses and then attend a Residency? No, everyone who is certified must begin with the Residency. If you complete online courses first, you will have to go through them again after a Residency.