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We Train And Prepare Christians For A Career In Biblical Counseling

Our Program

Learn how you can earn a certificate and become a LifeChange Certified Biblical Counselor.

Is Training for Me?

Any person (pastor, lay person, or professional counselor) who wants to help others use the Word of God as the foundation for positive lifechange.

What We Believe

Learn what we believe about The Scriptures, God, Man, Salvation, Last Things, Stewardship, and The Christian and the Social Order

Dr. Kerry L. Skinner

Meet Dr. Kerry L. Skinner

Kerry L. Skinner, D.Min. has served in pastoral roles for more than 40 years with an emphasis in Christian discipleship and pastoral counseling. Through his writing and teaching, Dr. Skinner is recognized internationally as an advocate of biblical sufficiency. He has traveled extensively through North America teaching conferences for pastors, counselors, and lay leaders on topics such as revival, repentance, holiness, and biblical counseling.


Julie R. Lucas, MHS, PA-C

The Biblical counseling that my son received after years of seeing a psychologist changed his life and because of the complete change in his behavior and attitude, I had to find out all I could about it. I began attending the counselor training classes and the principles I learned have helped me in dealing with many of my patients. I work in internal medicine, primary care and often see those suffering with depression or other problems that don't respond to medications. There IS real help available and I believe it begins here.

Julie R. Lucas, MHS, PA-C Physician Assistant
Internal Medicine
Mobile, AL

Distinction of Biblical Counseling

Some people believe that if you are a Christian and think, you have Christian thinking! In the same way, some believe if you are a Christian and you counsel, you are providing biblical counseling. But that is not necessarily so. To have biblical counseling requires a standard to be used. The standard is not determined by the person doing the counseling but rather is the use of God’s Word—The Bible that determines if one is practicing biblical counseling.


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