Become a Think LifeChange Contract Counselor

Those who have successfully completed the Think LifeChange Biblical Counselor Training can choose to join the Think LifeChange Center as a contract Counselor. Bypass the cost of setting up your own business (website, software, etc) and join our team.

What you receive:

  • Think LifeChange email address and account.
  • Personal Booking Page with online scheduling with a personal information page about you on the Think LifeChange website.
  • 25% discount on The Heart of the Problem workbooks
  • TLC Center will handle all the credit cards, collect fees and pay all credit card processing expenses.
  • TLC Center will provide online forms for the counselee.
  • TLC Center will provide supervision and guidance to all contract counselors.
  • Client referrals when possible.
  • You will receive a 1099 at the each January.

The Application Process:

Prospects will fill out an application and participate in an interview with Kerry and Alison. Once approved the counselor will be given an account on the website including an email address. Through this account the Counselor can set available appointment times, cost of hourly appointments (minimum of $60 per hour), connect to their TLC google calendar. Your clients will be able to book in-person (if you choose) or Online (Zoom) meetings.


The Counselor will:

  • provide hours and times of availability for appointments.
  • will only use the message taught by Think LifeChange and the material resources of Think LifeChange.
  • represent the center with integrity and professionalism.
  • be faithful in their personal time with God daily.
  • use the Think LifeChange email address only as related to the center’s business.
  • Book all counseling appointments through TLC Center.
  • perform all counseling appointments on time.
  • be responsible to generate their own client base.
  • be responsible to obtain their own liability insurance and provide a copy to the center.


Counselor will pay a fee of $99/month to the center. 

TLC Center will keep 30% of each booking fee and pay Counselors 70% of each booking fee.

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