Biblical Counseling Center

Welcome to the Think LifeChange Biblical Counseling Center

Think LifeChange is now offering online and in-person biblical counseling appointments.

Dr. Kerry L. Skinner and Alison Veazey are now taking online biblical counseling appointments. Kerry and Alison offer more than 30 years of experience in using biblical principles to address life problems such as:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • marriage struggles
  • addictions
  • trauma

There are few choices that exist in the counseling field related to biblical counseling. If you are interested in getting a biblical perspective for the issues in your life you can book an appointment here.

Worldly solutions offer people only temporary relief from their problems, but biblical counseling offers a trustworthy and lasting cure. Think LifeChange offers help in how to help angry, broken, confused people look at their lives from a biblical perspective, and move beyond the situation of the moment to the real underlying cause of pain and disappointment.

The goal of Think LifeChange is to point people to a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ. Our job is to help those in need make a connection with the Wonderful Counselor.

biblical counseling center

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Dr. Kerry L. Skinner

alison veazey

Alison Veazey

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Hannah Mergist

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Brian Edmond

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Leslie Bayne