Deceit Can Affect Your Health

By Kerry Skinner / April 23, 2021 /

Deceit can affect your health. Deceit is the deliberate attempt to mislead someone. Hypocrisy is the pretended possession of those qualities that would make others believe in one’s sincerity, goodness, and devotion. One of the clearest illustrations of deceit was told to me by my friend and mentor Dr. Henry Brandt. I remember him telling…

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Deception Has Become Ordinary

By Kerry Skinner / April 19, 2021 /

Deception is a common act of everyday life. It has become so common, many times people don’t even recognize when they are deceptive. In the courtroom, if a witness fails to reveal accurately what is on his mind while under oath, it is called perjury, or deception. If an action or event that is known…

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Normal Reactions To Correction

By Kerry Skinner / April 13, 2021 /

What is your normal reaction to correction? When a friend confides, “I’m going to be very frank with you.” Do you grasp his hand and pull him to a chair so he can sit down and tell you your shortcoming? Do you shout for joy that another glimpse of your true nature is about to…

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Who Should Correct?

By Kerry Skinner / April 5, 2021 /

If correction is needed, what kind of person would you prefer to deliver the message? Would you rather it be a humble or arrogant person? Of course we want the humble person, don’t we? It is very difficult to respond positively to an arrogant person. A humble person is a much better choice for delivering…

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The Christian Life: A Human Impossibility

By Kerry Skinner / March 30, 2021 /

Learning the basics of Christianity is relatively simple–if knowledge of the how to’s are all you desire. Simply listing the commands of Christ does not require an in depth study nor a massive amount of time. Putting into practice the commands of Christ is quite different. To do what Christ says requires study, devotion, prayer,…

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False or Real Hope

By Kerry Skinner / March 22, 2021 /

Many are offering false hope to save our society. To the drunk, the world says it is not his fault; it is a disease or an addiction. He cannot control himself. Society must save him! Society says, “We want to help you. We have groups to support you. We will help you manage this problem.”…

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What’s Down In The Well Comes Up In The Bucket!

By Kerry Skinner / March 17, 2021 /

I remember my grandmother saying, “What’s down in the well comes up in the bucket! If the well has muddy water, then that is what you get, if it is clean spring water, then that is what comes up in the bucket.” What’s down in your inner self is what comes out when you are…

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Pretending Happiness

By Kerry Skinner / March 8, 2021 /

Pretending happiness is a tough way to live. It takes a lot of energy to keep up this acting lifestyle. George wanted to clear up the gnawing sense of anxiety and growing unhappiness that plagued him, and hoped to do so before anyone else found out about his condition. So he quietly sought professional counseling.…

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A Quiet Spirit

By Kerry Skinner / March 2, 2021 /

Imagine responding to pressure, perplexities, persecution, and destruction with a quiet spirit. To experience quietness and peace is indeed a treasure. Maybe you think of a quiet secluded place is needed to achieve a quiet spirit. But, the Spirit of God also has a quieting effect on the body. Of course you do not have…

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Who Is Fighting Your Battle?

By Kerry Skinner / February 22, 2021 /

Have you ever tried to solve your problems when you knew that you really couldn’t solve them even with your greatest effort? Our tendency is to find a way to cause everything to work out the way we want it to be resolved with all of our personal human resources. Maybe your spirit knew that…

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