Is Worry an Issue for You?

By Kerry Skinner / December 7, 2020 /

Do you worry? Is worry an issue for you? Does it give you hang-ups? Does it occupy your time and your mind? Does it keep you from having the peace that you need? Does it keep you from resting when you need to rest? Some people are worried that they might get anxious about something!…

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Sick, Sinful, or Both?

By Kerry Skinner / November 30, 2020 /

Are we sick, sinful, or both when we hurt? Medical researchers have recently expressed the opinion, that destructive emotions are caused by a chemical imbalance in the body. But I ask the question, is it possible that a chemical imbalance in the body could have been caused by destructive emotions? It seems obvious to me…

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Think LifeChange Biblical Counseling Center Now Open!

By Kerry Skinner / November 24, 2020 /

Welcome to the Think LifeChange Biblical Counseling Center Think LifeChange is now offering online biblical counseling appointments. After much prayer and consideration, we have decided to begin the Think LifeChange Biblical Counseling Center. The Center will begin through with online biblical counseling appointments via Zoom. Watch this Video! Click this link to view a…

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How Pure is Your Wisdom?

By Kerry Skinner / November 16, 2020 /

How pure is your wisdom? When you think of the word pure, what comes to mind? Maybe you think of something as pure as gold, clean as pure air, or when thinking of a person as a good, righteous, saintly, honorable, or wholesome being. A person with a pure heart and mind would be a…

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The Joy of Repentance!

By Kerry Skinner / November 2, 2020 /

Most people wonder how there could really be a joy of repentance. I think that is why confession of sin seems to be common in our day, but repentance of sin is rare. In many ways, the Body of Christ has forsaken the biblical mandate to repent, defining the process as negative and burdensome. The…

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God’s Amazing Work!

By Kerry Skinner / October 26, 2020 /

God’s amazing work happens in many unnoticed ways–at least unnoticed in the beginning of a story. An amazing testimony is found in a book titled, Measure Your Life by Wesley Duewel. Duewel tells the story of a man named Stephen Grellat who walked very closely with God and obeyed the Lord even when he did…

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Waiting on God

By Kerry Skinner / October 19, 2020 /

Waiting on God can be a refreshing or a frustrating time–according to how you face the moment! “But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength…”  Isaiah 40:31 (NKJV) Do you enjoy waiting in a long line to make a purchase? Of course not, you want to pay for your product and move…

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Can This World Find Peace?

By Kerry Skinner / October 13, 2020 /

Can this world find peace?  Statistics indicate that this world is not offering the kind of peace that really sets people free. Time magazine reported, on September 15, 1986, that the health cost of drug abuse was estimated by one National Center for Health statistics study at 59.7 billion dollars. The medical bill for alcohol abuse…

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Does Truth Help or Hurt?

By Kerry Skinner / October 5, 2020 /

Help or Hurt? Does truth help or hurt you? I guess it depends on how you respond to the truth! George wanted to clear up the gnawing sense of anxiety and growing unhappiness that plagued him, and hoped to do so before anyone else found out about his condition. So he quietly sought professional counseling.…

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Feelings Can Really Hurt!

By Kerry Skinner / September 28, 2020 /

Feelings can really hurt! I hear that statement often. But just what does that really mean? Autonomic Nervous System There are certain emotional centers in the brain that are linked to the entire body through the autonomic nervous system. This system can be compared to the wires that carry electricity from a main power source…

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