Christmas Carols for the Disturbed

By Kerry Skinner / December 19, 2016 /

Christmas carols for the disturbed–all of us need a little humor during this season. Dr. Brandt used to say to me, “The first serious encounter I had with a disturbed person was with myself!” Of course, not only did Dr. Brandt have some problems, every one of us has problems. The Scripture states, “A merry heart does…

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I Need Your Help!

By Kerry Skinner / October 14, 2015 /

Years ago, I asked the publisher of The Heart of the Problem to translate the workbook into Spanish. It simply never became a reality. But, thank the Lord, things have changed! A few months ago, I requested the rights back from the publisher for The Heart of the Problem. I am very grateful for the…

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How To Fight Back! by Henry Brandt

By Kerry Skinner / May 12, 2015 /

Like most people, you may yearn for serenity in the midst of conflict. But what price are you willing to pay for such peace? For many persons, the cost is too high. The grudges they bear are too precious to surrender. It would be too great a sacrifice to give up complaining. They enjoy these…

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Is it Time for a Spiritual Check Up?

By Kerry Skinner / October 9, 2013 /

Few people get to see what you see in the mirror, and no one gets to see what goes on underneath your skin except God. The Bible says: “Man looks on the outward appearance, but the LORD looks on the heart” (1 Samuel 16:7). If the Lord looks on the heart, then it follows that…

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