God’s Path Is Safe

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My eyes are ever toward the LORD, for He shall pluck my feet out of the net. Psalm 25:15

Imagine walking through the forest along a path that is not well defined. Concern for staying on the path would be your focus, lest you step into a hole or become disoriented and lost. If you knew that there were many animal traps set, it would make you even more alert and cautious. Knowing this, instead of taking a relaxing walk, your concern would be to scope out the area and make sure that you avoid those traps! Learning to scope out and avoid traps can be quite exhausting. Your mind, emotions, and physical skills become highly alert, knowing you can still miss a trap and become ensnared.

Satan has set many traps for God’s people. His traps tend to be highly camouflaged. How do we avoid these traps? Do we avoid them by consciously and carefully watching for each trap? If so, then the whole of your Christian life would be on the defensive. This passage reveals that if we keep our eyes always toward the Lord, then we will always be on a path that avoids traps.

Our salvation is not in our ability to avoid traps, but in our total trust in the Lord. If we trust Him enough to keep our focus on Him only, He will pluck our feet out of the trap. Our focus should not be on developing skills to avoid traps, but to keep our eyes on Jesus Christ Himself! The Scripture states, He must increase, but I must decrease” (John 3:30). As our focus increases on Jesus, it decreases on developing our own skill to be a good Christian. This is the surrendered life!

As your eyes stay focused on Jesus, you look forward to see the fullness of life that is ahead. Now, you can focus on the big picture and see the forest and its beauty. Your eyes are not looking down trying to find traps, you follow Christ and He keeps you free from the trap.

Praise God for this truth!

Lord, help us today to focus on You and follow Your path, showing us Your ways and wisdom.