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Learn how you can earn a certificate and become a LifeChange Certified Biblical Counselor.

Is Training for Me?

Any person (pastor, lay person, or professional counselor) who wants to help others use the Word of God as the foundation for positive lifechange.

What We Believe

Learn what we believe about The Scriptures, God, Man, Salvation, Last Things, Stewardship, and The Christian and the Social Order

Dr Kerry Skinner

Meet Dr. Kerry L. Skinner

Kerry L. Skinner, D.Min. has served in pastoral roles for more than 40 years with an emphasis in Christian discipleship and pastoral counseling. Through his writing and teaching, Dr. Skinner is recognized internationally as an advocate of biblical sufficiency. He has traveled extensively through North America teaching conferences for pastors, counselors, and lay leaders on topics such as revival, repentance, holiness, and biblical counseling.

Meet Alison Veazey

Alison Veazey earned her Master’s degree in Professional Counseling from Liberty University in 2012. Alison is the Dean of Students and Instructor of Think LifeChange Biblical Institute of Biblical Counseling. Alison is a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor (LCPC) through the National Christian Counselors Association (NCCA) and has started Victory Reins, a program that uses horses as a tool to teach relationships with Christ and others.

Dr Alison Veazey


Paul Ezelle

Ephesians 4:11-12 is the biblical description of the relationship I have with Dr. Kerry L. Skinner. Kerry was called by God to teach and equip me to do the work of the Laity Care Center ministry. Kerry asked me to direct the first biblical counseling ministry he established in 2006 at Cottage Hill Baptist Church. Since then, we have ministered to thousands of clients, seeing so many of them greatly strengthen their personal relationship with the Lord. We most often see people reverse their untoward behavior(s) such as anger and unforgiveness and restore their strained interpersonal relationships. Marriages are being saved. Thoughts of suicide are being abolished. We counsel under the leadership of the Holy Spirit and God is consistently being glorified. I thank God for Kerry every day as biblical counseling helped me understand who I am in Christ, what is my purpose here on earth and exactly what it is that I should be doing.

Paul Ezelle Laity Care Center DirectorCottage Hill Baptist ChurchMobile, Alabama

Distinction of Biblical Counseling

Some people believe that if you are a Christian and think, you have Christian thinking! In the same way, some believe if you are a Christian and you counsel, you are providing biblical counseling. But that is not necessarily so. To have biblical counseling requires a standard to be used. The standard is not determined by the person doing the counseling but rather is the use of God’s Word—The Bible that determines if one is practicing biblical counseling.

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