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Thy Word Is LIke A Fire

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By Alison Veazey and Dr. Kerry L. Skinner

This book contains the stories of the activity of God in the lives of the authors as He shaped them through the years. We have experienced the power of God’s Spirit, the love of Christ, and  the joy of salvation. It is our hope that through our testimonies and the information provided in this book that you can look at your life and find God in the places where you never knew He was. We pray God will ignite a spark in your heart to realize that He is found in His Word, that He is His Word, and that all is created from His Word. His Word is a person–Jesus Christ. Our hope is that Christians will move from simply reading God’s Word as another book, to recognizing that when we sit down and open the Word of God– we are looking into the face of God.

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