My Word is Like a Fire

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Burning Thought #1Thy Word Is LIke A Fire

But His word was in my heart like a burning fire shut up in my bones; I was weary of holding it back, and I could not. Jeremiah 20:9

God told Jeremiah that His Word was like a fire. Fire was used to heat up a rock in order to release its precious ore. God’s Word does not destroy a person, it just destroys the sin of a person. When God’s Word is placed in a person’s mind and heart, it begins to warm from the inside out. It is like a burning fire that cannot be held back. In Jeremiah 20:9, the prophet did not want to keep sharing the message that God had given him but he could not help it, he could not hold it back. Why? Because in his heart the Word was like a burning fire that could not be contained. He had to share it.

Focus on Christ

When you focus on Christ–The Word, you will receive Truth that penetrates your mind, heart, and soul. You cannot contain it! You must use it and share it. When you spend time with Christ, His Word will burn out the junk and purify the soul, so that you can receive more Truth. This fire is a good fire, one that warms the heart, cleanses the sin, and restores one to a perfect union with Christ.

Focus on Self

The other option is to focus on self. Fill your mind and heart with the desires of self and you will come close to getting what you want from this world. You may attain wealth, position, prestige, and success, with enough hard work. But if you do, Christ will not increase in your life. You will miss out on His wisdom, guidance, relationship, comfort, and security.

I pray you will seek the best thing in life–Truth through the Word!

*Taken from My Word is Like a Fire by Alison Veazey and Kerry L. Skinner, p. 27, ©2019 All Rights Reserved