Right Choices: Discretion

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Developing Discretion

Right choices begin with right thinking! It is not enough to hope that you are making the right choice, you must base your decisions on right information. And most of all, your timing must be right!

When wisdom enters your heart, and knowledge is pleasant to your soul, discretion will preserve you;  Understanding will keep you…

Proverbs 2:10-11

Discretion is not something you can determine that you will develop just because you think you can act intelligent and all knowing. Godly discretion comes from God, not from human ingenuity. You cannot in and of yourself determine to be discreet in everything you do. Your human wisdom will not sustain you through an entire week of life without making an error in judgment. Timing is often more important than time! As you walk in the Spirit and you are filled with the fruit of His Spirit, then you are able by God’s Spirit to communicate from a sincere heart the right thing at the right time.

Guiding Thoughts

First, discretion is the ability to know the right action for each occasion. But, how would you know the right action to take every time? You won’t!

God, however, is not confused about what you ought to be thinking, saying, doing, or with whom you should spend your time. God is not confused about giving you wisdom. If God is the source of wisdom and discretion, how critical is it for believers to be up to date with God? It is absolutely critical because you do not know what is going to happen next! You do not know when you are going to be caught off guard by a verbal or even physical attack. You do not know when a crisis is coming your way, whether a car accident, a bad health report, or a broken relationship. Right decisions made in the right way and said in the right timing will come from a daily walk with the Lord.

Second, Godly discretionmakes [one] slow to anger, and his glory is to overlook a transgression” (Proverbs 19:11). If you are the kind of person who responds the moment that someone says something a little abrasive–that is not a mark of good judgment. Discretion is the mark of a gracious and gentle Spirit. It keeps our minds and our focus on sound judgement. It’s the mark of Christian maturity. Some people have no discretion. Feelings, instead of Godly discretion, rules their hearts. They do not know how to defer–they react first. They react because they are not walking in the Spirit–they are walking in the flesh! But if you are walking in the Spirit what comes out of your life or what comes out of your mouth will proceed from a right Spirit. It’s the Spirit of Christ living within you. 

Discretion Comes From the Spirit

Whether in the workplace, at home, or school, the way in which you respond to the people around you is not determined by anything but your Spirit. If you are walking in the flesh, that’s how you will respond. If you are walking in the Spirit, that’s how you will respond. Proverb 19:11 is not an instruction to pass over or compromise with sins against God or rightful authority. It is simply stating that there are some things you need to be slow to be angry about and it will be a glory to overlook a transgression.

Do you have any people around you who irritate you? It may not be a major issue in life that is the offense. Sometimes simply being next to “those people” irritate you! Or maybe just hearing their name pronounced irritates you. But, how do you remove those feelings?

Attempting to not walk in the flesh so you will be a better Christian is not the goal. Walk in the Spirit and you will not fulfill the desires of the flesh. Spend time with God to understand what He is developing in you through His Spirit. Character development is absolutely critical to knowing God’s ways.

The way you live this week will determine the foundation for how you live the following week. The way you live this week is the beginning of a new walk with the Lord. How will you face the next crisis? That will be determined by your spirit at the time of the event. Godly discretion is a benefit of a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. As you walk with Him, great victories are on the way in your future.