God Works Through His Word and His People

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People in the churches of our day seem to be at a crossroads. Many truly desire God’s presence and activity and are praying for a great touch from God, while others seem somewhat afraid to release their lives to God.

When God does His mighty work in the midst of His people, His people must recognize:

  • God has always desired to work through His people, but they have not always recognized His initiative in their lives, or His activity around them.
  • When God does a great work in and through His people, those involved desire to share humbly the wonderful works of God with other Christians.
  • In the process of sharing, it is apparent that all God did cannot be included or adequately communicated.
  • In the sharing, there are always those who respond in diverse ways.

Throughout the Scriptures, God has always spoken to His people. When He speaks, it is to reveal His past, present, and future activities in their lives.

“What He is doing is always far more important than what His people are doing for Him.”

God works through His people–the churches. Believers need to be taught how to walk with God. They need to know how to hear Him speaking. They need to be able to identify things only God can do. Why? Because God chooses to work through the entire body, not just the leadership.

A church is the Body of Christ. Each member is vitally important to the body. A body functions as one unit with spiritual leaders and members. All are interdependent–they need each other. Each leader and member of the body needs the others to fully know God’s will. Each member has a role in the body (Galatians 6:1-5) and each leader has a responsibility to the body to equip the members (Ephesians 4:11-13).

Because of all of this, we must spend time in God’s Word daily! We must spend time in God’s Word individually and as a body of believers. Make sure you spend time in personal devotions but also take time to study God’s Word with others under the guidance of a godly leader.

Remember, “…our God is able [to teach us]” what we need so that we know how to respond to Him!

our God whom we serve is able…and He will deliver us… 

Daniel 3:17